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Before and after #2
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Other Comments

‘Since being with my Personal Trainer, I am fitter and have more flexibility than I have had since I was 20.’


‘My core strength is improving  and the aches and pains I was  suffering from have eased.’


Melissa J. 


‘My knees no longer ache and I have dropped many dress sizes.

I now feel proud and confident.’  


‘I never thought I would be someone who looked forward to going to the gym, but now I love it and would recommend it to anyone.’  


Sandra D. 


‘I have been getting a huge amount of compliments from friends and people at the gym saying that they have noticed a huge change in the way I look.’ 


‘I can thoroughly recommend using ALIVE! Personal Training’


John S. 

‘Results were effective almost 



I can thoroughly recommend 

Personal Training if you are serious about weight loss and body toning.’





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