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Did you know you can enjoy some of our MOSSA group fitness programs at home while self isolating?

What workouts are available on our MOSSA MOVE digital platform?


The MOSSA MOVE app has 8 different programs – cardio, strength, dance, Yoga-inspired, and indoor cycling.

Each 30-minute program has 2 to 4 workouts available, with more on the way. We have filmed additional workouts that should be available on the app in the next few weeks. Additionally, we have filmed two new programs (3D30 and MOVE30) that should be available in April 2020. To see the lineup of workouts available, with descriptions and video previews, visit:

Are the workouts on MOSSA MOVE the same as the live MOSSA workouts?


The 30-minute workouts on MOSSA MOVE are different to the programs we have at Alive! The MOSSA MOVE workouts were designed specifically for the home user experience. The programming, equipment options, coaching, and coaching modifications, are all perfect for use at home.

Where do you go to learn more about MOSSA MOVE?

To learn more about the service, you can go to From this page, you can view all of the workouts available through the service. However, you will not be able to get to the 60 day offer. The 60 day offer is only available to you through a special URL through one of our custom URL.

How to to get started with MOSSA MOVE?

To access MOSSA MOVE online, your membership must be active at Alive Health and Fitness i.e. not suspended. 

To do this, please email us using the button below and we will reactivate your membership and send you a link to access the programs.

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Equipment Hire

Do you need equipment for home use?

We have set up a hire arrangement of our equipment for your use at home. Great to use with the MOSSA MOVE programs or with your own program.

Below is the list of equipment and weekly charges:

1. Group Power Bars and Weights (with 17kg) - $10.00 per week*

2. Group Fitness Step with Risers (x2 risers) - $7.50 per week*

3. Bar, weights and riser combo - $15.00 per week*

4. Group Ride Bike  - $15 per week*

*Please note, there is a refundable deposit of $200.00 for rentals. Please see our hire terms and conditions.