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Wholesome Fitness & Fuel is operated by experienced Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Jodie Pritchard. Registered with Nutrition Council Australia and Fitness Australia, Jodie has a strong passion and drive to help others, which has lead her to develop a 12 week Nutrition Program. See the 12-week program here


Catering to each individual, clients will have full support and encouragement with their new eating and lifestyle changes.   Weight loss, muscle gain, reducing pain and maintaining a healthy lifestyle easily are just some of the services Jodie provides.   Through an in-depth questionnaire, Jodie works with you to identify the best possible outcome for your individual requirements


Learn how food works with your body, review what times of the day you eat, determine what foods to avoid and which ones to add, learn different cooking methods and lastly organise your week to be successful .


Jodie has worked as a lifestyle coach for many years, which led her to move into her role as a Personal Trainer and now a Nutritionist. With her own lived experience and health journey, Jodie is able to empathise and guide those around her to achieve their goals. A combination of the right food choices, deliberate exercise and lifestyle changes, Jodie will walk alongside you to get the best outcome for you.


To book a consultation:

email: Jodie-

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